At the end of an event we have a few products left over which required something better than throwing them away. After a few emails with MK Community Fridge, a plan was hatched to support them.
Here’s their story –
Almost a year ago The Old Bath House and Community Centre launched MK Community Fridge, a community initiative aimed at saving food waste for the benefit of the people of Milton Keynes. The results of the project have been astounding with more than 10 tonnes of food diverted from the bin to the people of Milton Keynes.
During this time belistore have been squirreling and saving every scrumptious baked item left after an event and freezing them for us to share. belistore’s beautiful products have been used to stock our community pop-up cafe every Thursday lunchtime from 12.30pm and provide sweet treats at two surplus supper events. The pop-up cafe is a place where everyone is welcome and we often run craft share activities. There is no charge for any of the food shared but guests can leave a donation if they wish. Through these donations our events have raised more than £700 to date.
MK Community Fridge and the benefit it brings is being felt by many.
Thank you Rich for all your support.
Follow this link to donate and help sustain and develop MK Community Fridge…
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