Mr Honey started looking after bees when he was 9 years old, taking over after his Father had passed away. The hives were 20 years old at this point and well established. As with tradition, you have to inform the bees their keeper has passed away and introduce their new keeper. Mr Honey worked for a commercial beekeeper in Worcestershire learning about hive and honey flavour management, adding to the wealth of knowledge he had already obtained.
Years later Mr Honey met Mrs Honey, a beekeepers daughter. Mrs Honey used to help her Father who passed on his vast experience he had gained as he never stopped learning with each year having it’s different challenges.
Mr & Mrs Honey have their hives spread across three counties, scattered in woodlands and orchards to give our customers the fantastic artisan honey taste. Most honey is a blend of flowers within 2 miles of the hive. Bees visit certain crops and flowers because it is advantageous to themselves. This is where management comes in. Mr & Mrs Honey  place their hives where they know the best blends are gathered and this varies over the years depending on the weather. To get a regular taste and consistency Mr & Mrs Honey further blend honey from 4 to 5 different years –  similar to how standard label champagne is blended. This all comes from 65 years experience!
The picture is of the bee’s hard work – two combs have been uncapped ready for extraction and one ready for uncapping
Honey was found in the Pyramids which was 3000 years old in perfect condition and still edible.
Uses – natural sweetener, preservative, cooking, health ie  wounds, lung infections and hay fever which local honey is most beneficial.
We serve it underneath yoghurt and topped with our homemade granola
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